Cooking up a storm of style

 A feature from the August 2017 issue of Suffolk Norfolk Life magazine
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By Rhonda Deal

What makes a great kitchen? Well it has to be stylish, definitely. Functional, absolutely. It has to be family and guest friendly, true. Be fitted with quality appliances that will stand the test of time, possibly it certainly helps.

To be honest it is not just one of all those things but an amalgam of them all plus more, lots more. From the choice of worktops, tiles and flooring to the smallest of accessories it all goes to creating a great kitchen that truly is the heart of the home.

Ok, not all of us have the benefit of masses of space but with careful planning plus stylish appliances and worktops it is possible to create a comfortable, functional and stylish kitchen.

Yes do consider knocking down a dividing wall if you need to to increase size because the more space you have the better when it comes to enjoying gathering with friends and family for great meals. But that is not the be all and end all.

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