Eat clean & live lean!

 A feature from the June 2017 issue of Suffolk Norfolk Life magazine
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Easy Ways to detox your kitchen by Kirsty Watling

Ditch the booze and up the greens to breeze your way into your skinny jeans….

Kick to the curb…

I know, amazing for kicking your butt in the mornings, BUT disruptive with sleep cycles and totally addictive. Put the coffee down folks!

Refined Sugars
Nope, not the type you find in blueberries and bananas but addictive, refined sugars like coca cola, which leave you feeling tired and grouchy. If you can’t resist a sweet treat, opt for local, raw honey and try to wean yourself off over time. 

Load up on…

The perfect, complete meal. Packed full of vitamin B12, good fats and protein. Studies show people who eat eggs for brekkie tend to have a lower body fat!

These fresh little green super heroes are packed with nutrients and fibre. They are basically free calories so load up on a portion of kale, asparagus,  tender stem and spinach with every meal.

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