Fabulous Natural Light in your home

 A feature from the April 2017 issue of Suffolk Norfolk Life magazine
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By Rhonda Deal

As every interior and architectural designer knows, natural daylight plays an important part when it comes to the different environments they are asked to create and natural light is especially important in our homes.

Having a home filled with natural light is essential for our wellbeing: it helps to create a feeling of space and brings out the brightness of colours in everything from wallpaper, paint, textiles and accessories in a way that artificial light cannot do.

New research proves that the health benefits are enormous as well as boosting our immune systems. The way our bodies react to daylight allows us to perform at our best. So if you’re working from home make sure that your office space has a suitable sized window. Keep it uncluttered; a roller or venetian blind works best.

The small rooms and parlours of yesteryear used to be dark and cramped but the trend for open-plan living has us knocking out walls to make fabulous kitchen diners and living rooms creating a wonderful sense of space and letting daylight flood in.

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