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Tips, Tricks & Trends for your floor

Whether the home we own is a mansion or the size of a postage stamp, flooring is one of the most important choices we have to make when decorating.

Size really doesn’t matter when it comes to creating a home that is stylish and cosy. What does matter is that the flooring we choose not only meets our lifestyle needs but also gives the illusion of space and warmth.

With the average house containing the usual bathroom, bedrooms, living room and kitchen, our flooring choice will have a massive impact on the way our home projects our personalities.

Floor coverings have to work hard in our modern homes. They come in a huge range of textures from vinyl, carpeting, wood or tile, and in every hue and texture under the sun.

For softness underfoot, nothing beats the wonderful colours, tones and patterns of wall-to-wall fitted carpet. Carpets offer a way to accentuate our rooms; they complement soft furnishings and furniture. Carpets help to soundproof your home too, keeping the thunder of tiny feet on stairs, for instance, to a mere whisper.

Alternatively why not opt for the timeless beauty of natural wood? It is both practical and stylish. It’s low maintenance and will last for years. Choose a good quality laminate flooring that comes in some wonderful patterns and textures giving the illusion of different woods and stone effects.

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