Kitchen Lighting Solutions

 A feature from the November 2017 issue of Suffolk Norfolk Life magazine
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By Rhonda Deal

Kitchens are now widely acknowledged to be the hub of the home. A place where all the family can gather to cook, eat, watch television and socialise with friends.

The very nature of this modern multi-purpose room makes it difficult to come up with the right lighting solution. This is because ideally you need more than one lighting option in the same room. You need a minimum of two options. The two most important options are a soft ambient lighting when entertaining and bright task lighting when preparing a meal. If you are having a brand new kitchen installed then it’s best to plan the lighting solutions early in the design stage. Explain clearly to your kitchen designer exactly how you envisage each area of the new kitchen being used so that they can assign a role for the different lighting types.

Pendant lights work really well over dining tables. Downlights look smart and sleek in the ceiling but they do cast a shadow. This means that often while you are working at the counter you will be working in your own shadow. The answer is to team the down lighters with carefully placed under cabinet lighting. My favourite cabinet lighting is LED Flexi-Strips. Brilliant either as under cabinet lighting or inside glass fronted wall cabinets these tiny light bubbles come in 5-metre coils which a choice of multi-coloured or bright white and soft white and have the added advantage of being easy to retrofit in older kitchens giving them a fast fix update without the cost of a brand new kitchen.

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