Legends of Rock weekend

 A feature from the February 2017 issue of Suffolk Norfolk Life magazine
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A tribute to rock legends comes to Great Yarmouth

The annual Legends of Rock weekend at Vauxhall Caravan Park in Great Yarmouth, hosts over 50 performers playing over four days and nights, with tribute bands acting out the roles of Bon Jovi, Led Zeppelin, Metallica, Alice Cooper, Bryan Adams, Iron Maiden, and other big names from the 1970s and ’80s. Susie Kearley goes along, with her husband Vic, to soak up the music and the fun-filled atmosphere.

Fancy dress is encouraged at Legends of Rock, so I pack a wig and a snazzy trousers for the Glam Rock Party on Saturday night. Vic packs a frilly shirt, Meatloaf style, and is well equipped for the ‘Shocking Shirt Night’, taking his ‘Alcatraz Psycho Ward’ shirt. Cowboy and Indian outfits complete our wardrobe, and we’re off!

The Thursday night entertainment begins with a glam rock fancy dress disco at 6pm, and as we approach the concert hall, Kiss’ Crazy Nights echoes down the corridor. Having been to some really dingy rock venues in London, I’m pleasantly surprised to find the venue nicely furnished with carpets, comfortable chairs and tables, around a parquet dance floor.

Despite the orange wig and frilly shirt, as the evening picks up pace, we feel positively under-dressed! Dozens of revellers arrive in outrageous costumes and a lively evening of high spirits ensues with dancing and three tribute bands: Bootleg Counterfeit Sweet; Aladdinsane (David Bowie) and Too Rex. We leave the party at 12.30am tired. But for those so inclined, there’s a rock-a-roke until 2.30am.

Tributes to Whitesnake, Foreigner, Journey, Cream, and The Who get us in the party mood the following day. Stargazer’s tribute to Whitesnake is excellent. The front man doesn’t look much like David Coverdale but his vocals are spot on.

‘Who Next’ certainly pack a punch, with their drummer stealing the show. I’ve never seen a drummer with such flair and energy. He’s like the drumming Muppet, ‘Animal’. Mesmerizing. The lead guitarist leaps into the air and smashes his guitar into smithereens. What a waste! Vic says it’s a Who tradition.

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