Lighting up your Home

 A feature from the November 2016 issue of Suffolk Norfolk Life magazine
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By Rhonda Deal

Whether it’s your own home, an hotel or bistro pub, lighting is the key to creating a warm welcoming atmosphere. A place where people can relax and work with ease. The three most important layers of lighting that should be included in your home are Ambient, Task and Accent lighting.

Ambient Lighting

Is the most common type of lighting found in all properties from new builds to listed buildings, offices, cafés and everything in between.Basically, ambient lighting provides the first layer of lighting, the overall illumination for a room. Think of it as a uniform layer of light.

Task Lighting

Usually needed in kitchens, bathrooms or study and workrooms where specific areas need to be lit.

Accent Lighting

Use accent lighting to do just that, accent an area: a bookshelf or piece of art or sculpture.

So you already have the first layer of light, ambient lighting, in your room; now you can begin to add the second and third layers.

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