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 A feature from the September 2016 issue of Suffolk Norfolk Life magazine
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If kitchens are the heart of the home for the family then the bathroom has to be the “My Space” room in the home, says Rhonda Deal.

At the end of a long, hard day there is nothing better than a relaxing bath, gentle music, maybe even candlelight. Okay, that may be over the top for every day but keep it in mind for special occasions.

We all love bathrooms but with so many beautiful styles out there it can be difficult to plan how to give our own smallest room or perhaps not so small room the wow factor.

So I thought you might like to join me and soak up (sorry could not resist) some great ideas on how to make your bathroom a relaxing, restful space. Let’s imagine you are going to refurbish the room from scratch.

Once the old bathroom suite has been removed you will have a much better idea of the kind of space you have to work with.

As with all things to do with the interior of your home planning is key here so make plenty of notes and consult with a good plumber and a builder before you go out and buy the new suite, especially if you are considering putting in a walk-in shower with separate bath and vanity basin.

Whether you want a sleek boutique style bathroom or vintage Downton it pays to research your chosen look.

A great place to start researching all the different design ideas for bathrooms is the internet. Check out Google Images. Just put a search for bathrooms into your browser and enjoy looking through the hundreds of design ideas that come up. If you have a colour scheme or style already in mind the search can be filtered with say, Blue Bathrooms, Vintage bathrooms, Family bathrooms; the choice is yours.

The sheer number of photos to go through may seem daunting at first so it might be a good idea to have some refreshment such as a cup of coffee or glass of wine handy. Remember the whole research thing should be fun, not a drag.

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