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Lighting Design, Consultancy and Sales

About us

NALC is a lighting design, consultancy and lighting sales company working with customers, their architects, interior and garden designers for new builds, historic restoration and refurbishment projects. NALC also works with all types of domestic, commercial, corporate and retail properties to create a mix of ambient, accent and decorative lighting. NALC is a member of the Institute for Lighting Professionals and is a member of the Society of Light and Lighting that develops and sets internal lighting standards for the UK. The company also acts as the lighting consultant for the Diocese of Norfolk.

Lighting your home

Interior lighting is fundamental to your homes design by utilising your homes atmosphere and ambience by the style and fixtures used from room to room. The first thing to consider when lighting your room is to determine what the room is going to be used for, different activities require different types and levels of light. A well-lit living room will have three different types of lighting; ambient, task and accent. Good ambient lighting is provided by an even coverage of general lighting, usually achieved by recessed down-lighters, task lighting from decorative table or floor lamps and accent lighting from spot lighting an ornament, piece of artwork or the rooms architectural features. The way in which you light your room will change the feel of the space and having these multiple light sources allows you to dim them independently and control the ambience and mood.

Our Process

The design of lighting for any project starts with a meeting to look at the plans or the existing space whether inside or out. We start with a calculation space by space using the manufacturers photometric data and based on the levels of illumination suggested within the CIBSE Code for Interior Lighting to achieve the correct ambient light level. Designs are laid out on the client’s architectural drawings showing fitting numbers, positions and the switching lines. This is accompanied by a bound proposal walking through the spaces and describing the thought behind the design as well as a costed appendix of suggested fittings and control gear. This is presented to the client at our showroom so we can look at particular fittings in isolation. Our discussions on the proposal and any revisions form the basis of the final lighting layouts for pricing and implementation.

Areas covered

NALC covers Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire and has the added benefit of an extensive showroom based in Norwich displaying in an active state over 150 beautiful architectural and contemporary light fittings. A new showroom focusing on technical light fittings opened last year and highlights the latest in plaster-in, shadow gap and low glare luminaires. The showroom is open by appointment only and certainly worth visiting for the amazing range and display of designer and artisan lighting.

Contact Details
38 Hurricane Way, Airport Industrial Estate, Norwich NR6 6JB
01603 418821

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