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Suffolk’s Next Generation Vintage Engineering Service

A Lifelong Passion for our Automotive Heritage

Growing up on tales of my father’s exploits in the 50s and 60s on British motorcycles has cultivated a deep fascination for our automotive history. It has been my dream as long as I can remember to set up my own company providing support for classic and vintage vehicles of all types.

What is Radar Cycles?

Named after the WW2 Radar development programme in Bawdsey, Radar Cycles is a Mechanics, Fabrication, Machining, Restoration, Customisation and Design service for Classic motorcycles and cars based in Bredfield, near Woodbridge, less than 1/2 mile from the A12. I also have a wide network of friends and colleagues to assist in sourcing rare and unusual parts or information on old vehicles.

Carrying on the Batton.

At 27, I am somewhat in the lower age percentile of classic enthusiasts. It’s extremely important to me to keep our history alive, and hopefully inspire more young people along the way. Suffolk and Norfolk are fantastic counties for enjoying classic vehicles. I’m intent on building a community covering two and four wheels, so we can support each other and share the fun.

The Old, Unusual and the Personal.

Though happy to work on anything pre 1985, I’m happiest fettling machines from the 60’s and earlier. Regularly working on and developing parts for machines as early as 1904! We also love to discuss custom motorcycle projects. There are two builds currently in development at the workshop and can make parts for home builders.

Radar facilities

We have Mig and Tig welding facilities for Mild and Stainless Steel, Sheet metal folding and rolling, section rolling such as rolling box, tube and I beams. We have full milling and turning capabilities as well as our new CNC milling machine for more complex shapes and batch work. We will soon have CNC turning facilities available as well. Parts are designed on 3D Cad software, Fusion 360. There are 3 benches for working on motorcycles, generally arranged for short, mid, and long term work. Due to access issues we cannot work on cars on site unfortunately, but can provide a call out service.

Get in touch!

Looking to get a vehicle back on the road? Or perhaps you have an old car / bike/collection of parts you’d like help to identify, recommission or sell on. We’d be happy to help. Find Mac on Facebook @radarcyclessuffolk, Instagram @radar_cycles mac@radarcycles.co.uk or call 07479650862

Contact Details
Tel: 07479650862
Email: mac@radarcycles.co.uk
Facebook: @radarcyclessuffolk
Instagram: @radar_cycles

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